30 3d Nail Art Designs

If you are truly interested in Nail art then you must know that 3D nail design is now the latest thing in the fashion industry. Designs on nails give your nails a fresh lease of life as they look like amazing works of art. Most of these designs look very complicated but with the right equipment they can also be done at home with a little concentration. 3D nail art kits are supplied by many leading cosmetic brands nowadays and its an easy matter to just walk into a shop and order sequins, nail stickers, acrylic pens and glow-in-the-dark stickies. A professional nail salon will have nail artists and designers who work on creating holograms, miniature paintings and artwork on nails which can make you look like a true diva. 3D Designs can be as cute and pretty as hello kitty, cupcakes and floral extravaganza designs to as punk inspired as gothic art and leopard skin nails. It all depends upon your personality, your mood for the day and the appropriate nail design choice with your outfit. Metal studded 3D nail art accessories are also available for fans of high fashion street art. Amazing embellishment, pastel or punk shades of nail color, good quality nail varnish and some nail gloss will help you create the right designs for your nails. If its your wedding/ engagement/anniversary/special function that you are considering the nail art for then its strongly recommended to visit a professional nail salon. Otherwise for everyday occasions its enough to make 3D nail designs by you.

Picture 1

3D Nail Art is three dimensional art done on nails. 3D nail art can be done on both natural nails as well as on extensions. Typically 3D nail art is created using acrylics.This is a cute easter bunny with bow nail art with sky blue nail polish as base. Blend of fabulous colours to make it a perfect chick look. This easter bunny with bow nail art is unique in its sense as it includes the combination of funky colours like pink, yellow and brown which makes this nail art trendy and funky and at the same time giving it a chick and cute look.

Picture 2

This nail art is as simple as it looks.You can give it a try at home and is absolutely hassle free . This nail design comprised of light pink shimmery nail polish as base with little polka dots of thick acrlylic nail polish like blue ,pink ,orange ,red ,white which are easily available in the market. It looks girlish and is very easy nail art to apply especially for the beginners.

Picture 3

To create the designs, the artist adds colored acrylic to a mold using a paintbrush and waits for it to harden. Pussy cats and gem stones are one of the most common 3D nail art creations. The 3D art is colorful and can be painted over with a clear or glitter top-coat of nail polish.This nail art is done by firstly applying a coat of normal red colour nail polish as its base.Thick light strokes of white colour nail polish with brush on the upper side of nail makes it cool nail design.In addition to this gems and stars with pussy cat gives it a complete crazy look.

Picture 4

This classy nail art gives it a classy and artistic nail design. Combo of silver glossy nail polish and white coloured acrylic nail paint gives it a complete elegant nail design look

Picture 5

This is one of the most common, and beautiful nail art . With summer in full bloom, it is worth keeping the phrase say it with flowers in mind when creating your own floral nail art designs. Flower nail art designs are fun to experiment with, and depending on your preferences your nails can be customized with a myriad of embellishments to give them an intricate, artistic look. Embellished with gems and stones gives your nail a contemporary and artistic look.

Picture 6

With a wide range of drollworthy and eye catching designs,the 3 d nail art has become a big craze among women.It only requires sticking them on your nails and thus save a plenty of time.They are naet and feminine. Floral 3 d designs designs includes acrylic roses or floral designs painted with paint and decorated with colours, beads ,sparkles and crystals. This 3d nail art has a vivacious look comprised of golden glittered nails with black 3d acrylic flowers. Small golden beads are giving this nail art a classy and elegant look to shine in the party.

Picture 7

This 3d nail art is as simple as elegant in its own ways.The colours like blue, white and pink giving this nails a chick look and the golden glitter lines on the other hand making it look beautiful nail art.The golden motif along with silver gem stone giving it a classy touch.

Picture 8

This nail art is do it yourself nail design.It is as simple as it looks.The nails are coloured with transparent nail polish to give it a simple look. The combination or light blue and pink colur nail paint making your nails look superb.The floral ,flower design on the tip of the nails making it look beautiful and makes anyone sweep of their feet.

Picture 9

This is one of the simplest one which needs no nail art artist. You can do this nail art at your home and is suitable for the beginners who everyday want to try something new. The base nail is covered with nude nail colour thus giving your nails a sheer look. Applying of light green and dark green nail paints one after another on the nails makes it look beautiful .Applying of black motifs and design on the coloured one along with silver gem making it look like icing on the cake.

Picture 10

This jasmine white floral 3 d nail art is ideal for wedding. More than looking beautiful nail art, it looks sophisticated and elegant. This 3 d nail art gives you a royal touch and well suited for your special day.Elegancy at its best.This 3d floral nail art is very beautiful that would land you the the sea of compliments.

Picture 11

This 3 d nail art is the funky one with the mixture of too many vibrant colours.The base of the nail is coated with dark shimmery pink nail polish and is decorated with sequences and stars.The eye ball in the center of the nail giving the nails a funky yet trendy look.

Picture 12

This 3 d nail nail is common among the teenagers who want to experiment new everyday. This 3 d nail art puppy with bones is most popular among the youngsters .This cartoon 3d nail art comprised with bubby pink colours as base with cute puppy on one nail, bones and hearts on other nails, thus giving your nails a trendy and cute look.

Picture 13

Again 3 d bow nail art is very popular among teens, youngsters. This 3 d nail art is among cute nail art design. The nude base colurs giving your nail a sheer look with golden and silver sparkled lines on tip making it look trendy. A 3 d acrylic bow on the top of the tip of your nail makes it look like cherry on the top of the cake.

Picture 14

Style and trends never remain the same. They evolve through certain changes, likewise different seasons have different fashion line. Acrylic nails look so cute and beautiful. They not only enhance your hands beauty, but also make a very crisp shape of your nails. This colourful floral 3 d nail art givers your hands a beautiful compliment.

Picture 15

Flaunting animal themed nail art shows your wild side and it also depicts your love towards the animals or your pets. Leopard print nails look very pretty and can be done when you want to show your wilder side. They are very easy to make . Oftenly mix it with some other animal print makes your nail looks more funky and trendy

Picture 16

Creating a nail art design is simpler than you thought but it needs patience and practice. Go easy on yourself and start with these easy nail art which is perfect for the beginners to start with. This polka dot nail art is as simple as applying a nail paint. This easy nail design just needs different shades of nail paints and tooth pricks . With all these materials you can experiment and decorate your nails according to your style.

Picture 17

You can do this type of nail art on natural, as well as fake, acrylic or gel nails. They have a high-impact look, give instant glam and require minimal effort to apply. This 3d nail art is elegant and your nail an instant glam to shine in the party. This manicure involves applying nail polish and sticking several tiny micro beads on the nails, thus giving your nails ultra glam look.

Picture 18

These twinkle nails catches everyone’s attention as the nails are coated with shimmery coat of light pink nail polish with 3 d acrylic white bow and heart. The added advantage is the hearts are surrounded by the tiny golden small beads which makes this nail art shine all the way.

Picture 19

This 3 d polka dots nail art is very common and is easy to apply. This nail art is among the easiest nail art that combines different nail paints. This nail art is simple yet trendy and is simple for the beginners. Multi coloured nail paints makes it look cute and easy to apply. The different coloured polka dots make this nail art more vibrant and colourful. The zig zag pattern in between the nails makes this nail art design much trendier.

Picture 20

With the advancement in fashion and trends, the 3 d acrylic nail art has become a mandatory part of dressing. With various designs of 3 d beautiful nail art, from simple and sophisticated to vibrant and zany, you can add stars to the beauty of your hands and flaunt them. This 3 d nail art is a beautiful combination of nude, rose pink and white colour. The 3 d acrylic heart and triangular piece of cake on the nails along with small beads and gems giving this nail art an artistic and trendy look.

Picture 21

This toe 3d nail art is simple as well as unique in its own ways. The combination of nude and pink colour nail paint soothes the eyes with 2 little white acrylic lilies along with silver stones making your all over look completely fabulous and stylish.

Picture 22

Nail design art, especially the 3 d nail designs have gotten really popular lately and that is no wonder. The amazing decorative nail styles drives all women crazy, after all who does not like having their nails well designed and beautiful. Just because you are all grown up, does not mean you cannot be a kid at heart. This 3 d cartoon nail art is simple to apply and looks cute on your nails. The nails are covered with pastel green colour and the multi colour dots on the tips give the nails a cute, chick look. The bunny on the nail looks adorable and adds a cool look to your nail art.

Picture 23

This 3d nail art is the beautiful nail art which is a combination of cartoon panda with ice cream cones and donuts which makes this nail art a cute one to show off and play with. This acrylic 3 d nail art is a trendy one and is most popular among the teenagers. A coating of base nude nail colour with shimmery and glossery dark pink nail paint on the tips makes this nail art artistic. Acrylic 3d ice cones, panda and donuts along with silver gems give the nails a funky look.

Picture 24

This multi coloured 3d nail art is the beautiful one that makes the nails more colourful and vibrant. Applying of different nail shades makes this nail art a unique one. Decorating it with sequence, beads and gems gives your nails more stylish and classy look.

Picture 25

This beautiful white jasmine 3d floral nail art is elegant as well as classy in its own ways. This nail art looks phenomenal with white acrylic 3d jasmine flowers which are further sequenced with silver gems thus giving this whole nail art an artistic approach. This jasmine white floral 3d nail art is ideal for wedding which would surely enhance your beauty on your special day.

Picture 26

The square nail shape is one of the strongest nail shapes you can have because the full width of the nail remains at the free edge. The square shape is best used to draw attention to longer nails. This 3d nail adds ads a glamour quotient to your personality. The base is coated with light pink colour. The upper part of the nail is sketched by thick and thin red colour lines which makes this nail art trendier and in.

Picture 27

Go easy on yourself and start with these easy nail art designs for beginners. This acrylic nail art a funky combination of yellow, pink and blue colour nail paint. Adding polka dots with zigzag lines and a cute bunny to this 3d nail art will make u look more trendy and girlish

Picture 28

This 3d nail art is more of the feminine side. This 3d nail art looks eye soothing as well as a treat to hands. The base of the nail with pink shade gives an elegant look and the 3d decals like butterflies and flowers would turn everyones head.

Picture 29

The cartoon nail art is most popular among the teens and the youngsters. Who does not want to look younger and explore a child in them. This 3d nail art is simple to apply. Combination of different colours makes it more colourful and the bunny, penguin, polka dots and zigzag makes this nail art cute as well as childish.

Picture 30

This 3 d nail art is the unique one with blends of light and solid colours. Application of light pink shimmery nail polish along with dark blue colour makes a wonderful combination. A thin lining of silver colour along with white 3d acrylic rose makes this nail art an eye-catching element.


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