25 Best Black And White Nail Arts

A combination of black and white colors spring up thousand nail art design ideas from safe and simple to comic and trendy. If you are unsure which nail polish will be ideal to match multiple occasions and all the different dresses you are planning to wear throughout the week, then you can play safe with black and white nail art. Well, if you think practically it is not possible to wear exclusive Nail Art for every single event or every single day. Besides, when you have the best black and white nail art crafted on your nails, you will want to hold it for a while. If you are beginning to learn Nail Art, it is best to start with black and white nail colors. You can apply the contrasting colors in vertical or horizontal halves and run a stripe of the opposite color on either side. Simple polka dots of white nail color on a black base looks attractive and can be tried the reverse way as well. Diagonal alternating stripes of black and white look very attractive too. A tiny red crystal, a touch gold or silver shimmer somewhere will give your nails an unexpected chic. When you are aiming to have the best black and white nail art on your nails, you have to remember the golden rule of keeping it simple. Any complicated design may appear unclear and loses its charm of sharp contrast that hits the eye. You will find it is fun to keep it simple. Once, you have learnt to run neat lines you will soon be able to make your own geometric patterns. An interesting way to design the best black and white nail art is to use the nails to draw continuity or a progression of the design from one nail to the other and to the next. The progression of design adds a different dimension to your nail art. Be it an animal paw print, tribal design or geometric design, black and white nail art is sure to promote your sense of style from ordinary to elegant. In fact, when all the nails have been painted with black color a dash or dot of white on any one corner breaks the monotony and converts the simple nail polish to nail art.

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17 Black and White Nail Designs

Love your nails, dip them in colors and show off! The heartwarming thing about Nail Art is that it is affordable. You will find young enthusiastic girls who are actively blogging about how to do ideas on their nails. However, as you plan to paint your nails fashionably, it is important that you take proper care of your hands, fingers and nails. A beautifully designed nail can only adorn a well-cared hand. Your Nail Art is the fine distinguishing line that can make you stand apart in a group of well-dressed people.

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