24 Beautiful Nails Art Designs

A few years ago, you would have booed at the thought of painting your nails with colors like fluorescent lime, parrot green or orange. Happily, it is not so anymore. Today painting nails has evolved into an art. If you want to add a tang to your makeup and style, then spice it up with Nail Art. Nail polish has come a long way from the time when you would only apply standard monochrome colors on your nails to becoming a fashion statement today. Think detailed designs with multiple colors using nails as the new canvas and even add 3-D accessories to make then eye catching. All you need is a little bit of imagination and deft hands to play with paint. However, if you are not the creative type who has the patience and artistry to design the ten tips, then it is wiser to leave it to the professionals who will do the job for you. Nail Art will add a special touch to your makeup and give you an edge over being boring. However, it should coordinate with the occasion for which you are dressing to become a reflection of your personality. You can get Beautiful Nail Art designs like floral, geometric, cartoons, flags or abstract patterns painted to suit your mood and occasion. Anything can become an inspiration for a Nail Art design like paying tribute to your father on Fatherís Day or showing off your Patriotism during World Cup or Olympics. The latest trends in the Nail Art designs are half-moons painted at the base of the nail and highlighted using a contrasting color for the rest of the nail. Animal prints and stripes are trendy too. Bold designs using gold and black or silver and electric blue are burning the ramps. You can even paint a rainbow on your nails. You can have fun experimenting with the shape of your nails as well. From Round and square, you can shape nails like Almonds, and Stilettos. You can try adding Swarovski crystals, glitters, and anything else quite unusual otherwise to decorate and create your nails as style statements. What more innovative way there can be for expressing your mind than to put it on your nails? Beautiful Nail Art Designs add a Wow factor to complete your trendy fashionable look.

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25 Best Black And White Nail Arts

Black and white nail art can hardly go wrong. The most interesting aspect of black and white nail art is that it suits all. It suits a young girl as much as a woman in her forties or late fifties. Black and white nail art matches well with almost all occasions; be it an evening dinner or a corporate meeting. Best Black and White Nails Art is timeless, sophisticate, glamorous and sure to earn you a second look even if your makeup passes unnoticed the first time.

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17 Black and White Nail Designs

Love your nails, dip them in colors and show off! The heartwarming thing about Nail Art is that it is affordable. You will find young enthusiastic girls who are actively blogging about how to do ideas on their nails. However, as you plan to paint your nails fashionably, it is important that you take proper care of your hands, fingers and nails. A beautifully designed nail can only adorn a well-cared hand. Your Nail Art is the fine distinguishing line that can make you stand apart in a group of well-dressed people.

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