20 Adorable Nail Art

Nail art today, has become a very common and popular trend according to the present. Nail art is considered very valuable and is supposed to have a deep meaning. Although seems tough, but this pretty nail art is very easy to do on your own. Looking for a beautiful and gorgeous way to add flair to your look? Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or add a unique touch to your personality every day. While very detailed nail art is best left to professionals, there are a number of designs you can create yourself. Try duo-tones, glitter and jewels, polka dots, blended colours, marbling or stamping to create a gorgeous effect. Some adorable nail art attempt to mimic the appearance of real fingernails as closely as possible, while other designs may deliberately stray in appearance from real fingernails. Adorable nail art includes cute, pretty designs that looks super cute.

Picture 1

This nail art looks as adorable as this nail art used different popping colours. Combining pink and black ads a classy look to your nail and the shimmery silver strip on the black nail paint gives a shiny and stunning appearance to this nail art.

Picture 2

This adorable nail art is a combination of different nail paints like lavender, shimmery silver, and white that altogether gives a trendy look to your hands. In addition to this shimmery silver zigzag on white nail paint adds on the glam portion.

Picture 3

This is again a simple and an adorable nail art which one can make at home. The nails base is painted with acrylic pastel green nail paint. To add glow to this adorable nail art, silver small beads are applied to the nail which gives an elegant look to this nail art.

Picture 4

This adorable nail art is super cute as it used colours like black, white as the base. To add more cuteness to this pink hearts, boxes , crosses are made which shines out as a whole.

Picture 5

This adorable nail art is a funky combination of pink, white, and silver nail paint. The trendy part is with these alternate colours different patterns such as zigzag, triangles, and lines are made which makes this nail art more of the trendier side.

Picture 6

Nail Art is the latest buzz among young women. This adorable nail art is a superb funky combination of rosemary pink and blue color. The four fingers are coated with pink nail paint while the one finger has a unique design of black lines on the blue one. A heart looks fabulous and this nail art looks adorable.

Picture 7

This adorable nail art is a superb combination of different mix of colors like golden, pink, white and sea green. The sea green strips on the white nail paint looks nice and the heart on this adds cuteness to this nail art.

Picture 8

This is something very stylish and unique in its own ways. The mesmerizing colors like pink, white, silver and black leopard prints on the nails make this adorable nail art cute and on the other side shows the love for the nature.

Picture 9

Nail Art will add a special touch to your makeup. This adorable nail art is a pretty combination of white and black scales on the nails. Green color along with black design adds to the trendy portion. Small little red cute flowers on the tip of the nail makes this nail art very adorable.

Picture 10

This adorable nail art is a unique combination of two colors like peach and salty mud. The polka dots on these nail paints makes this nail art very adorable.

Picture 11

This adorable nail art is a cute combination of sky blue and white color having cress cross pattern along with a cute little heart makes this nail art more beautiful and adorable to watch.

Picture 12

This adorable nail art is a cute combination of peach, silver and white color along with patterns like polka dots and wide lines which makes this nail art adorable as a whole.

Picture 13

Anything can become an inspiration for a Nail Art design. This adorable nail art is a bold color of black and white. The small polka dots and beads gives a classy touch to this adorable nail art.

Picture 14

This nail art is so adorable, so cute as you can try it a shot at home. This adorable nail art has a funky chain of colors like white, blue and sky blue. To give a unique touch to this, golden beads and dots were applied.

Picture 15

Today painting nails has evolved into an art. If you want to add a tang to your makeup and style, then spice it up with nail art. This adorable nail art is a cute combo of different colors like peach, pastel green, white and shiny silver. Different patterns were made to give an artistic look to this nail art.

Picture 16

Get your nails transformed into a canvas and craft beautiful nail art designs! Nail Art is the latest buzz among young women. Paint them in multiple hues and step into an exclusive zone meant for only stylish touch. This adorable nail art is a simple and cute combination of peach, silver nailpaints with white zigzag on them.

Picture 17

You can try this adorable nail art at home with the colors like shimmery silver, grey, light grey and white to make it a trendy one.

Picture 18

This is again an adorable nail art with simple pattern like arrows and application of different colors like sky blue, white and shimmery silver which adds a glam quotient to this nail art.

Picture 19

This is an adorable nail art made by the combination of colors like light blue, ocean blue, white. Silver lining is done across the nails to give it a classy look.

Picture 20

This is again an adorable nail art which can be simple to made at home. Applying various colors like white, black and grey zigzag over them makes this nail art a unique one.


40 Airbrush Nails

Long nails make women look very elegant and womanly. If you have dark spots, yellow colour or any other nail defect then nail airbrush designs done by an accredited professional can make your nails look beautiful and amazingly elegant. Airbrush nail art are extremely popular for their versatility, adaptability and are done in most reputed salon in town. Consider these Airbrush nail designs if you want to make a beautiful impression. The process is 100% safe and effective and is completely hygienic. The advantage of these nails are that they will enhance your nails with protective layer.

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10 animal nail design

Flaunting animal themed nail art shows your wild side and it also depicts your love towards the animals or your pet. These are cute, bubbly and so adorable to play with. Nail art has now become a fashion statement. These designs are so damn cute that no one resists. Nail art is spreading like an epidemic but of course a pleasing one, women never compromise on their looks no matter what budget they are currently having they love to spend what lies in their purses in the form of money.

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32 Artificial Nails Design Nail

Artificial nails design is available in acrylic, silk and gel based finishes. Some of the designs are sober and elegant while others are beautiful and glamorous while still others are sporty chic. You need to choose a design from artificial nails suppliers that will suit your personality and chosen outfit. These nails are sold in almost every beauty store. You can try getting your artificial nails done by a professional nail salon for a gorgeous look. Remember like all beautiful things, artificial nails should also be maintained well so as to preserve their beauty for a long long time.

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27 Artistic Nail Design Art

Artistic nail design has been in vogue for years because of their evocative and unique appeal. Artistic nail art on Long nails make women look very elegant and womanly. This type of artistic nail art is popular for their versatility, adaptability and is done in most reputed salons in town. Be it a wedding, social function, birthday, Valentines Day or a random happy day you can consider these nail designs if you want to make a beautiful impression. The biggest advantage of these nails is that there is no fixed formula that you have to follow.

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32 At Home Nail Designs

Home Nail Designs can be done instantly and it will transform your ordinary everyday nail look into a magnificent piece of art. You can make everything from black and white monochrome nail designs to multicolored nail design to artistic kitsch home nail designs in some easy steps. The special effects can be created with sequin, glitter, holograms which you can introduce on your easy nail designs. Home nail design is an interesting activity and you will enjoy the creativity and artwork that it involves. Soon you will be hooked to making amazing beautiful designs every day.

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