10 animal nail design

Flaunting animal themed nail art shows your wild side and it also depicts your love towards the animals or your pet. These are cute, bubbly and so adorable to play with. Nail art has now become a fashion statement. These designs are so damn cute that no one resists. Nail art is spreading like an epidemic but of course a pleasing one, women never compromise on their looks no matter what budget they are currently having they love to spend what lies in their purses in the form of money. Now many salons are opened that are especially structured for nail art. But you must know how to do it yourself too. So today I am showcasing cute zoo & farm animals nail art designs & ideas. Have a look at the collection. These are way too cute and adorable. You can make giraffe, zebra, monkey, pig faces and other zoo animal like that. So today I am showcasing cute zoo & farm animals nail art designs & ideas have a look at the collection. These are way too cute and adorable. Presently when the fashion is at its peak, a number of things are constantly coming into the category of fashion and styling. These cute animal nail art will look cute on your hands as well as shows the kid in you.

Picture 1

This cute panda in the perfect example of animal nail design or you can say nail art. A panda along with green bushes look so cute and is the perfect example of the animal nail design.

Picture 2

This animal nail art consists of the picture of giraffes on each nail which makes it a perfect animal nail art. With the background as white this animal nail art looks fabulous.

Picture 3

This animal nail art is the unique of all. The portions of giraffe on the whole looks cute and sweet as well as a treat to the eyes.

Picture 4

This animal design is very cute with the presence of many animals on the nails that includes peacock, giraffe, zebra, tiger and lion.

Picture 5

This nail art with little pig as cute animal nail design looks so sweet and so girlish in look. This animal nail art has given a light pink background which makes it super cute.

Picture 6

This animal nail art is something very innovative as there is an animal on one finger and the remaining nails shows the parts of that animal which makes it distinct from other animal nail art.

Picture 7

This is super cute animal nail design with super cute frog in different postures makes this nail art super sweet and the white background compliments this as a whole.

Picture 8

This is again a cute animal nail art derived from the famous cartoon Pikachu on the nail. This cute Pikachu looks with different postures looks cute as well as adorable on the nails

Picture 9

This animal nail art is super cute with little polka dots made with different nail paints and the cat on the nails looks adorable and adds a cute quotient to the whole nail art.

Picture 10

This animal nail art is unique one with all the nails painted with dark grey and an elephant on one nail looks adorable and sweet. This animal nail art is super cute and looks completely funky and bubbly.


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